I’m a Yoga Teacher Now!


A lot has happened since my previous post. I know I said this blog was over. I do miss posting on here sometimes, and I couldn’t help but to write again today. I closed the blog to set out on a journey to see what’s the best way for me to help people with their mental health. I realized that my spiritual practice, the one thing (aside from writing) that keeps me sane and grounded, can be a way to reach others and help them on their wellness journey.

It was challenging coming to terms with the fact that I had to showcase my yoga practice. It’s private to me, and some aspects of it remain that way. So far, I’ve taken videos and pictures of myself doing postural yoga and pranayama (breathwork). But I’ve yet to show myself praying, meditating, or crying. And maybe these are facets that will either remain fully private or only seen in my future teacher trainings.

I’m taking this career seriously. I took a backbending specialization certification back in April, which was a workshop I really wanted to take. I love backbends! Opening the spine is a mini emotional journey itself. There’s a lot of surrendering and witnessing that happens while letting the back go further into a posture. We take this lesson of surrender and being a witness into daily life: allowing both positive and negative emotions to transpire. Then, experiencing our emotions, reactions, and responses through less of an objective point of view. We make a decision from here.

If this sounds good to you, you can come practice with me. I’m offering backbending classes for both beginners and intermediates. I also offer private yoga classes but you’ve got to contact me to book a time.

See you again,



Dear reader,

It’s been a lovely two and (almost) a half years. This blog has seen it’s fair moments of successes and I’ve shared some brief, meaningful conversations, but it’s just not going anywhere anymore.

I’m moving onto other things. What is it? Not sure.

I hope you found even a bit of light in these blogs. Thank you for taking care of yourself!