A Realistic Way to Set Goals for Mental Health

It’s after the new year, just about that time where people drop their resolutions. It may be hard to keep up with what you set out for yourself if the resolution is too big, too vague, too strict, or without a plan. But maybe you’re still going strong. Go you! And if not, that’s ok.

I don’t set a resolution in January, but throughout the year, I set goals with month-long deadlines. It really depends on where I wish to be with something, if it will cost me money, and how long I think it will take. For example, if I want to take a course in the summer, I look up the cost, note the start and end date, and save up the appropriate amount. Very simple example.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, but that’s all right. Still, if you think this way of structuring goals is a good idea, here are some examples geared toward managing your mental health that you can make:

  • Start therapy on March 2, once a month. Cost: $100/month.
  • Write a daily log of my feelings for a year.
  • Save $80 for anxiety management workshop on July 1.

For me, big goals don’t have deadlines. That’s important for me because it reduces stress around meeting that goal at a certain time, and eliminates the possibility of disappointment if it isn’t met. It also gives me the proper time to transform and heal because life is not a race. But also, sometimes it’s just a life-long lifestyle change I want to make. Here are some examples (inspired by my own):

  • Go to Reiki 2x/month and do inner child work in between. (Specific but no deadline)
  • Manage stress with exercise. (Lifestyle change)
  • Watch the sunrise every morning before work. (Lifestyle change)

So, I hope this gave you some clear ideas of how you can manage your mental health in an achievable way! Don’t let the new year be a reason to start something you really want to do; begin anytime!


11 thoughts on “A Realistic Way to Set Goals for Mental Health

  1. Absolutely. I find that setting really small goals can be so uplifting, along with some bigger ones. So, in the UK at the moment, we have snow and I’ve never done a snow angel so I did one last night which was a really fun few minutes! Little things don’t have to cost any money either, so another thing I wanted to do was to pull a pint behind the bar so at a restaurant in December, I just asked if I could give it a go! Healthy balance is key as, just as you say, life isn’t a race xx https://sarah50.blog/about/

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  2. This was actually really useful…it’s so easy getting swept up in the ‘bigger picture’ and giving up when we haven’t achieved our life goals…small steps! 😊

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  3. Well done, thanks! Biking is a good exercise, if that’s an option? Walking and yoga are other things I’m doing daily. You may find exercise decreases stress enough you can skip therapy! I like James
    clear who says. Focus on process not outcome. Best wishes!

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    1. Biking is great!! I think that could be a great goal for someone to do daily because it can be therapeutic and you are out in nature, just like walking.
      I do yoga as well. It’s my main source of exercise.


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